Making Your Restaurant Stand Out

Popular Baked Goods To Have At Brunch

by Aiden Carpenter

It's a good idea to have a very light breakfast at home on the morning that you plan to visit a restaurant that specializes in brunch. This type of eatery carries a wide selection of food items, and there's a good chance that you'll want to have room to try several of them. While everyone has their favorite classic brunch foods, some people gravitate toward baked goods. You can expect to see many of these items on the menu at virtually every brunch restaurant. At a buffet-style brunch restaurant, there may even be an entire table filled with baked goods. Here are some popular things to try. 


Although people often disagree about the correct way to pronounce the word scone, most people agree that this baked good is very tasty. You'll almost always find fresh scones on the menu at brunch restaurants. In many cases, there may be a few different varieties available for you to check out. Some scones have dried fruit such as raisins, while others have fresh fruit such as blueberries. You'll occasionally find savory scones, which can have ingredients such as chives and bacon, in addition to those that are sweet. The scones will often be warm, and many people enjoy splitting them in half and adding some butter.

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls are a fixture at many brunch restaurants, and while you might occasionally buy this baked good at your local supermarket, you'll likely find that those you eat at a restaurant have a fresher taste. They're often made just hours prior to the start of brunch and kept warm, which helps the dough to be soft and tender. Many cinnamon rolls are brushed with cream cheese icing, which will give you a sweet flavor that you might favor eating toward the end of the brunch.


If you're looking for another sweet baked good, turnovers might be something that catch your attention. They're popular at many brunch restaurants, and give you the ability to enjoy flaky dough with one or more sweet fruit flavors. As their name suggests, these baked goods feature a piece of dough that is turned over onto itself, creating a pocket in the center that can hold apples, strawberries, peaches, lemon curd, or all sorts of other fruit products. Turnovers have a light drizzle of icing on top to add even more sweetness.

Try one or more of these baked goods during your next brunch restaurant visit.