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A Catered Business Affair—Taste And Plate Layout Options

by Aiden Carpenter

Taste and presentation are two important elements that should be assessed during your corporate event catering plans. Upon choosing your menu, your head caterer will use your taste preferences and serving styles to prepare some sample dishes for you to assess. 

Taste Preferences

Your taste preferences may entail using specific seasonings and ensuring that each bit of food has a texture that will be pleasing to the people who will be attending your event. It is important to think about the origin of a specific recipe. For instance, if your catering crew will be recreating a dish that you have experienced in the past, you will likely want it to contain the same ratio of ingredients and for it to possess the same consistency that you are accustomed to.

During the tasting part of the sampling session, you may be presented with multiple dishes that contain slight variations from one another. During the tasting session, try to envision what your colleagues or employees will experience during the actual catered meal that will be served to them. If a flavor or texture is off, let the head caterer know. They will make adjustments that will accommodate what you have ordered.

Presentation Preferences

The type of corporate event that you are hosting could influence how you would like the head caterer and catering team members to plate the food that will be served. If several courses will be served, you can request that each course is served separately and presented on a different plate. If you are going to be hosting an event that will feature a luncheon or another light-fare menu, you may prefer to have all of the food served on a single plate.

Even if you are not quite certain about how you would like the actual food to be served, your catering team can present you with several plating styles that you can experience during the sampling session. First, decide upon the dinnerware that will be used for the event. A formal affair may constitute using china or another fine type of dinnerware.

If the event will be informal, colorful plates that are made of plastic or another inexpensive material may be your go-to option. Request that the catering team sets up the plates exactly as you plan for them to be set up during the real event that you will be hosting. During this visual sampling of the plating, take in the layout and request changes as you see fit.

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