Making Your Restaurant Stand Out

Set Your Truck Apart With These Unique Mobile Food Truck Ideas

by Aiden Carpenter

By now, most cities have food trucks serving classics like hot dogs, burgers, and tacos. So if you want to open your own food truck, you really need to be creative. You'll want a menu that appeals to a lot of people, but also one that stands out. Here are some unique ideas to get you started.

Vietnamese Street Food

In Vietnam, street food is very common. People stop to buy some on their way to and from work. Selling Vietnamese street food in the United States is a fun idea since it will expose customers to the cuisine in the way it is typically served! Some of the most common dishes include spring rolls — which are deep-fried vegetable and meat rolls wrapped in rice paper — and bahn mi, a sandwich made with pork, pickled cabbage, and a mayonnaise-based sauce. Since the dishes you'll be serving are designed to be made in food trucks, you should have an easy time arranging the prep.

Vegan Food

Eating vegan is becoming more popular, but vegans sometimes still struggle to find plant-based dishes on food truck menus. Design a whole food truck around vegan cuisine, and you should have no trouble finding customers. It's fairly easy to make and serve vegan burgers and hot dogs, but get creative with a few items, too. Making a vegan mac-and-cheese is sure to earn you some attention. Vegan pulled jack fruit, which is meant to mimic pulled pork, is another crowd-pleaser that's easy to serve from a truck.


Waffles themselves are quite easy to make in the back of a food truck since you only need a few waffle irons. Then, you can set up a buffet of toppings and let guests top their own waffles. This truck will get a lot of attention on weekend mornings when people want to go out for brunch. It may also be popular in the evening with people who want a sweet snack on their way home from the bar with friends. Include some savory toppings, too, and you may get more customers wishing to make waffles for their lunch or dinner. Waffles with cheese and veggies on top are surprisingly delicious!

If you're thinking of opening a food truck, make sure your menu is versatile and delicious. All of the ideas above are good ones to start with. Use your own creativity to build from there.

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