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Easy Ways To Diversify Your Coffee Shop Menu

by Aiden Carpenter

Coffee shop menus are typically pretty simple. You generally don't want to offer 12 different sandwiches and a selection of 20 pastries since that would be a lot for your baristas to handle behind the counter. But that does not mean you should not seek to diversify your menu. Here are some ways to offer a more diverse selection of menu options without making things too complex.

Offer a different single-origin coffee each day.

Guests tend to enjoy single-origin coffees, and including them on your menu is a really good way to attract customers who are really into coffee. However, keeping track of a long list of single-origin coffees and brewing the right one to order each time can be taxing for your baristas. You may instead want to feature a different single-origin coffee every day. For instance, on Monday, you can feature a coffee from Nicaragua. On Tuesday, you can offer one from Wednesday. Not only does this keep things simple for your baristas, but it also keeps guests coming back, again and again, to try something new.

Create several sandwiches with similar ingredients.

Offering three or four different sandwiches gives your customers options. One way to do this without taking up too much cooler space is to re-combine the same ingredients in each of your sandwich options. For instance, you could offer one sandwich with turkey and avocado, another with roast beef and red peppers, and a third with turkey and red peppers. You could also only offer sandwiches during certain hours, ensuring your baristas get to focus mostly on coffee during other hours.

Choose one type of dessert or pastry, and stick with it.

Many people enjoy a pastry or dessert with their coffee. But you don't have to offer 16 different types of desserts. Pick one dessert or pastry type, and offer several different varieties of that same item. For instance, your item could be muffins. You could then offer 6 or 8 types of muffins. This makes for an easier display setup. It also makes pricing easier and more consistent, and it cuts down on the time customers will spend deciding on their orders. 

If you are looking to diversify your coffee shop menu, start with the ideas above. With these tips and tricks, you can add options to your menu without overwhelming your baristas or making things too complicated behind the counter. For additional ideas, visit local coffee shops such as Gravity Coffee Company.