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Hiring An Event Caterer For An Outdoor Party

by Aiden Carpenter

Hiring an event caterer can be a great way to reduce your party planning responsibilities. It's really nice to know someone else will be cooking for your guests so you're actually able to relax and enjoy the celebration. However, if your party is taking place outside, there are a few things you will want to be sure of when hiring an event caterer.

Ask how they'll cover the food.

Outside, you'll have everything from flies to the occasional bee to contend with. You want to make sure your catering team brings covers for all of the food so you can protect it from pests (and even blowing lawn clippings) while it's waiting to be served. Some catering companies will bring the food in disposable aluminum trays with aluminum lids. Others may bring the food in stainless steel trays with reusable plastic lids. Just make sure your caterers know you need lids so they can plan accordingly.

Ask how much space the caterer will need to set up.

When you're hosting a party outside, there are not typically as many extra places to set food as there would be indoors. You need to make sure you set up enough portable tables. You don't want to assume you only need one table, only to then learn that you needed two when the caterers show up with more food than you expected. After you place your order, ask the caterer how many tables they recommend for the food setup. And don't hesitate to set up one more table than recommended if you have it on hand — just to be extra safe!

Ask whether they'll bring real or disposable silverware and plates.

It's often easiest to use disposable plates and silverware when you have an outdoor party. You don't have to worry about items getting lost or accidentally thrown away. However, some catering companies do bring real plates and silverware to outdoor parties in an effort to be more eco-friendly. It's worth asking to be sure before your party. If disposable plates and silverware will be used, you will want to set up plenty of garbage cans and garbage bags for the dirty, used items.

Hosting a party outdoors can be a lot of fun, and most catering companies will be happy to comply with your needs. However, there is some planning and questioning you need to do beforehand to ensure the party goes off without a hitch.