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3 Helpful Tips When Utilizing A Catering Delivery Service For An Important Event

by Aiden Carpenter

There may be a time when you're hosting an important event and food needs to be provided. In this instance, you can work with a catering delivery service. This will provide everyone at the event with meals and you won't have to go anywhere. To ensure this catering service works out in everyone's favor, utilize these tips. 

Take a Head Count of Guests

Before you starting ordering food items from a catering delivery company, you first need to know how much food will be needed in advance. Only then will everyone in attendance be able to eat. The best way to figure out how much to order is to send out RSVPs months in advance.

Send them to guests and ask them if they plan on coming to your event. If so, ask them how many people they plan on bringing. Not everyone will respond back, but at least you'll be able to take a general consensus. You can then order a little bit more than the headcount received, preventing you from running out of food. 

Schedule Service In Advance

Catering delivery companies get very busy, especially around the holidays and weekends. Knowing this, it behooves you to schedule their services as early as you can. After all, some of these catering delivery companies get booked up months in advance.

As soon as you know when your event is, talk to a catering delivery company and see if they can provide delivery services on the target date. Even if you have to put a deposit down, having this confirmation in advance gives you one less thing to worry about when planning this event.

Choose the Right Food Items 

Once you have the basic details dialed in for this delivery catering service, it's time to think about what food items will be delivered to your event. There are many ways you can approach this. For example, if your event isn't lasting very long, finger foods may be best like cheese and cracker plates.

Conversely, if the event is lasting more than several hours, then offering full-course meals may be more appropriate. Assess the type of event you plan on having, and then you'll have a better idea of what food items would be appropriate. 

An important part of throwing an event is having it catered, especially if you're celebrating a special occasion. Handling this aspect of the event will be a lot easier when working with a catering delivery company. Just make sure you work out important details well before this event takes place, so that everything ends up working out great.